The Willow in Buchanan St

White dining room

Since opening in August 1997, the Willow Tea Rooms in Buchanan Street has established itself as a key player in one of Glasgow's main shopping thoroughfares.

Located in the building adjacent to Kate Cranston's original Buchanan Tea Rooms, Anne remodelled her Buchanan Street Willow Tea Rooms on Kate Cranston's Ingram Street Tea Rooms and so the White Dining Room and Chinese Room replicas were reborn.  The original White Dining Room was created by Mackintosh as part of his commission from Kate Cranston to redesign an entire room within her Ingram Street Tea Room.

The rooms follow the same themes used by Mackintosh in many of his works, and make extensive use of light and dark colours.  The White Dining Room is a light, bright room, filled with elegant high backed chairs and leaded glass.  The Chinese Room or "Blue Room" as it is known, is dark and atmospheric.  The colours within the room although dark are very vibrant and add to the ambience of the room.

ChineseBuchanan Street offers visitors more than just the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea!  It offers a special place for a special occasion and a very special treat ....... our delicious champagne afternoon tea. 

It also has a fantastic gift shop, selling a large range of high quality products.  We have many Mackintosh themed products, including jewellery, silk scarves, compacts, wall mirrors, stationery and prints.  In addition, the shop sells many household items, including our own brand Lady & Rose and Lady & Bird ranges. We also sell a small range of our products on our online shop.

Many of our gifts reflect our city.  We have Glasgow Girl Tote Bags, now available in two sizes, and a brooch and fridge magnet which feature the Bird, the Tree, the Bell and the Fish from the legend of Saint Mungo, Glasgow's patron saint

Here is the Bird that never flew

Here is the Tree that never grew

Here is the Bell that never rang

Here is the Fish that never swam

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