Booking & Reservation Terms

*Over the festive period we will be operating a ‘walk in’ policy on Saturday and Sunday lunch times.  When searching these times you will only be able to see availability for breakfast and later in the afternoon.

Due to the current regulations and our reduced capacity please note your reservation details on when tables are required back.   If you are running late please call us on 0141-204-5242. If we don’t hear from you then we will release the table.

Currently we can accept tables of up to 6 people from two different households.  If you require to book a larger table (number made larger by children under 12 years old from the same two households) please call us directly on 0141-204-5242.

If you are using a gift voucher it would be helpful if you would include the voucher number in the ‘Special Requirements’ section of the reservation screen.  You should then bring your voucher with you on the day and your server will arrange everything for you.