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Doors Open Day 2017

We are delighted to be part of this year’s Glasgow Doors Open Day Festival taking place during September.

Join us as we explore one of our city’s greatest assets…TEA.  Glasgow has a great affinity with tea, both as tea drinkers & innovators – hear about Thomas Lipton, Stuart Cranston, Kate Cranston & the role of the River Clyde and the finest Clyde-built Clippers that conveyed tea across the seas!

Our talk will also tell the story of how Glasgow invented the tearoom and brought the gentlemen out of ale houses into a whole new world for conducting their business matters.  Once known as the tea Tokyo of the west, 200 years on tea is still being very much enjoyed in one of Glasgow’s long established tea houses, The Willow Tea rooms.

When’s it happening?  Thursday, 14 Sept (10.00am), Friday, 15 Sept (10.00am), Saturday, 16 Sept (10.00am), Sunday, 17 Sept (11.30am)

Where’s it happening? The Willow Tea Rooms at Watt Brothers

How do I book? You can book your place from Wednesday, 23 August at 10.00am by calling Lynne or Sheila on 0141-204-5242 or by emailing

Does it cost? No! Its free and you will enjoy a sample of one of own specially blended teas