Black Teas

Black Teas


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Black tea caddy featuring the Lady & Rose Motif filled with your choice of tea and a leaflet about The Willow Tea Rooms

Willow Tea Rooms Blend – A select blend of Ceylon & Assam Teas

The Cranston Blend – A blend of Assam, Darjeeling & Golden Ceylon

Scottish Breakfast – A select blend of black teas chosen to infuse with the soft waters of Scotland

Earl Grey – A scented blend of Black China teas flavoured with aromatic oil of Bergamot

Keemun China – A pale & delicate China tea with the aroma of orchids, slightly sweet & very smooth

Darjeeling – The champagne of teas, from the Himalayan foothills, superb character & smooth flavour

Ceylon – High grown tea from Sri Lanka, on the western side of the island, with a bright rich taste

Kenya – From near the Rift Valley, this Kenya offers a strong & rich flavour

Assam – From North East India, a full-bodied tea with richness

Lapsang Souchong – A China tea with a smoky character, lightly brewed, best served on its own

China Rose Petal – A soft & delicate Black China tea, scented with rose petals during drying